Driven by a desire to produce finely crafted timepieces based firmly on a marriage between internal precision and external aesthetics, Whytes is an independent watchmaking company based in the magnificent lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada, and creates timeless classic styles with a contemporary feel.


Whytes is founded by British born Steven and Catherine Scanlan who, starting from a lifetime love and fascination of the intricate and mesmerizing workings of a watch, after many years spent taking apart, rebuilding, designing and redesigning, studying, learning and creating each time a better, more beautiful timepiece, through raising a family, working in technical and design environments and then moving to their spiritual home of Canada, this has culminated in a company committed and passionate about creating the best quality at the best pricepoint.


Our watches are created from the finest precision parts brought together by artisans to form a single sophisticated timepiece. Each detail conforms to our stringent quality standards and culminates in a watch that Canada can be proud of and which will become an heirloom for generations.


Each of our watches are produced in limited editions. In this way we can ensure consistent high quality, focus on design, and retain exclusivity in every collection.



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