Since you are a supporter of Whytes and our goals, we would like to make sure that you are aware that prices indicated here for watches shipped outside of Canada do not include any taxes, duties, VAT, customs or other charges due to the purchasers local or national authority.


Whytes Watches charge only for the watch or other item and the shipping fees to your preferred location. Any other charges, duties and taxes (including VAT) are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and must be paid upon arrival in the destination country. Usually these fees are demanded prior to delivery and are collected by the shipping courier or local customs authority.


For more details please contact your local customs office. You may also use a Duty Calculator to calculate what you may be charged by your local government.


If you were not aware of this and/or you do not wish to pay duties, we offer the opportunity to reconsider your purchase. Please notify us WITHIN 24 HOURS of placing your order to prevent shipment. If you do decide to cancel your order, the total order amount will be refunded. You may not cancel the order after the 24-hour period expires. In the event of delivery refusal, the purchaser is responsible for any duties and shipping charges that are incurred to return the product to Whytes Watches Ltd.


Thank you for shopping with Whytes.