Powered by your movement, you will never need to wind or ever need to replace a battery in these exquisite timepieces. They both sport the Auto mechanical movement by Miyota. Materials chosen to construct these watches reflect the care and attention we wish to invest in a timepiece meant to symbolize a spirit of adventure. Limited Edition of 250 watches

Reminiscent of the days of early exploration into lands of vast dimensions and opportunity. The rugged and unforgiving landscape mirrored in the hardy grittiness of the people who explored and settled on the land

Discoverer Mk 1 Mechanical Watch - Limited Edition

SKU: DIscoverMk1
  • We don't need to be wordy or flowery, we believe the Venturer collection of watches can speak for themselves.

    1. Designed in Canada - 100% of the design is completed by our designer in Canada. No part is a standard part (other than the movements of course). Our aim for the future is to bring the whole manufacturing process to Canada and source as many components as possible from within the country.

    2. 316L Surgical Calibre stainless steel - The case and buckles are made with 316L stainless steel, as used in the highest quality watches and surgical instruments.  

    3. Anti Reflective Coating - The Venturer Collection comes standard with Sapphire glass that only diamonds can scratch and have an Anti Reflective (AR) coating applied to the inside.

    4. Calf Skin Leather Strap – A soft leather hand stitched strap that feels great on the wrist and looks the part. 

    5. Buckle - The Whytes buckle is 316L stainless steel and choose either a standard buckle or the Butterfly buckle.

    6. Quality 100% - First and foremost we see quality as the driver for our watch production, from the design, parts and suppliers through to the packaging and transportation. Believe us, quality and attention to detail means everything.

    7. Screw down back - We do not use the standard means for securing the back case (whole case screw or press down). Instead we use six individual screws giving a 100m waterproofing feature as used by top class watch manufacturers.  

    8. Screw pin strap bar - As part of our design we screw in the strap, making it simpler to replace when you feel the need, we don't use a standard pin which is the norm with most watches. Our screws add that extra rugged security you would anticipate from a quality timepiece, and is a feature of the 19th century watches from which we draw inspiration. 

    9. Waterproof - the Venturer Collection is waterproofed to 100m (300ft or 10ATM) and provides that extra security when you swim that challenging river, drop it on a muddy slope or battle the raging storm.  

    10. Attitude - Now we have done all the quality stuff, don’t you think the watches simply look great too, on both men and women? Definitely attention seekers!

    11. Strictly limited to 250 of each design sold globally. The chances of running into someone wearing the same watch is approximately 14 million to 1. This is what will set you apart from the crowd, maintain exclusivity and make you feel a little special. To remind you of this fact, the edition number is etched into the reverse of each case.